We are a team of Houston apartment locators who also happen to be licensed real estate agents. As such, we offer comprehensive home location services that are tailored to your individual needs. With over 20 years of Houston real estate experience, we are extremely knowledgeable about Houston’s diverse neighborhoods. We know which neighborhoods are quiet, which ones are vibrant, and which ones offer the amenities you’re looking for. Tap into our Houston community knowledge and let us help you locate the home of your dreams.

Our knowledge is valuable on its own and enhanced even further with a huge Houston property database that puts current information at our fingertips about available vacancies and property details. Combining experience with data, we are able to quickly locate Houston apartments, condos, studios, lofts, single family homes, townhomes, patio homes, high rises, and other rentals that are the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Since the database is constantly updated and loaded with property details, we create invaluable reports that contain the best rentals in your targeted Houston neighborhood.

We believe that you don’t have to be lucky to find a fantastic Houston apartment; you simply need the right tools. We have those tools and offer them for free. We do this as a service to build goodwill in the communities that we serve. It is our hope that you’ll remember our real estate agency when you’re ready to buy a home or have other real estate needs in Houston.